Can you give an example of a past project?

Past performance is no guarantee of future success, but here's an example. Our owner managed a project through a sister company, CFC Rentals LLC, in South Carolina.

1-year ROI from $220,00 cash: 221%

Renovation Budget: $450,000

Positive cash flow was also collected for 12 months from occupied units.

The 33-unit property was roughly half occupied when acquired and needed extensive work following a fire and neglect. A shared laundry facility was added, construction completed, and tenants put in place.

If I invest in a project with you, can I help manage it?

We're happy to keep you informed. If you want to learn more about real estate, this is a great way to learn. You will, of course, be able to decide what projects to invest in based on your risk tolerance.

However, we manage the projects ourselves in order to keep management streamlined and simple.

How Are Investments Structured?

Each project is different and requires different levels of investment and risk. We generally look for equity partners to contribute the capital, and we manage the project.

A common structure is you contribute 50-75% of the total budget, and we seek a bank loan for the rest. The bank loan is secured by the asset. We manage the entire project, including hiring a legal team, obtaining the bank loan, and managing the property. We take a slice of profit, including an ownership position in the asset, for managing the project.

Can I Invest If I'm Not a US Citizen or Resident?

Yes. We can assist with that. You'll need to open a US bank account, and have a CPA file a non-resident tax return.

How Can I Learn More About Real Estate Investing?

We're always happy to chat. Feel free to contact us.

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